Space City Weather and Reliant announce an extended partnership

Today we have an exciting announcement about the partnership between Space City Weather and Reliant. In the video below, Elizabeth Killinger, president of Reliant, and I discuss the origin of Space City Weather, talk about the importance of sponsorship, and what our new long-term agreement means for our readers and the future of the site.

The bottom line is this: Matt and I are committed to providing the best weather information we can, the way you want it—whether that’s a website, a redesigned e-newsletter or a smartphone app. This continued support from Reliant allows us to think about other ways we can serve Houston, and ensure that our forecasts will always be free, fast, and without hype.

30 thoughts on “Space City Weather and Reliant announce an extended partnership”

    • A generous and community benefit from Reliant to support you guys and the best weather report a person could ask for. Congratulations on this beneficial recognition to your work and to us, your readers.

  1. Thanks Eric and Matt! Glad to see that Reliant has renewed your partnership. I appreciate all that you do! – Sid Sperry, President & CEO, SPIDI Technologies, LLC. Home of the SPIA Index Ice Impact Forecasts for Utilities.

  2. Great news! I am a longtime Reliant customer and to see them dedicated to backing the best weather coverage we have is awesome to see.

  3. Uh…errr…I can’t even joke about this. Congratulations to you both. This is great news!

  4. Great news! We depend on you guys to provide accurate, non-hyperbole weather forecasting and reporting. Thanks Reliant.

  5. Congrats Matt & Eric, and Thanks Reliant! Looking forward to many more years of accurate, no hype weather.

  6. Congratulations you guys! This is WELL earned! Good on Reliant for continuing this partnership.

  7. I would prefer that you continue the newsletter (i.e., e-mail distribution) at least. I have no use for smartphone apps. They tend to be flaky and enable or even encourage less information density.

  8. Congratulations to financial stability for buffer/research and development, etc! Thank you for all you do!

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