Splendid January weather for Houston this week, mostly

After four weeks of often-times very cold weather, high temperatures on Sunday broke into the 70s on Sunday. According to the National Weather Service, that is the 5th longest streak on record of sub-70 degree days for Houston’s Hobby Airport, and 12th longest for the city of Houston overall. The last time this occurred was 2010. Certainly, it represented the depth of winter for the region this year.

(National Weather Service)


A cool front moved through Houston early on Monday, generally bringing from one-tenth to one-half inch of rain to the area. Skies will clear out this morning, and we’re going to have an exceptional day with high temperatures of about 70 degrees. Overnight lows will drop to around 40 for inland areas, and 50 degrees along the coast.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Drier, mostly sunny weather will persist through much of the week as high pressure settles over the region. Days will be pleasant, with highs somewhere in the mid-60s, and overnight lows again around 40 degrees for inland areas, and 50 along the coast. Our modest northerly winds will shift from the north to east, and then southeast by Thursday, which should allow humidity levels to gradually rise.


Highs on Friday should be a bit warmer as the onshore flow resumes, but it appears that cloud cover will limit temperatures into the upper 60s. As moisture levels rise on Friday, we can’t rule out some scattered, light showers, but I expect most areas to remain dry.

Saturday and Sunday

The region’s next cool front appears set to arrive sometime on Saturday. Depending on the front’s timing, highs in Saturday could reach the low 70s before the front moves through. It’s also not clear how much rain will accompany the front’s passage—some models are pretty dry, while others show upward of an inch of rain. That’s going to have to be determined as we get later into the week.

Provided that the front moves through on Saturday, the second half of the weekend looks clear and cooler. If you’re looking to do outdoor activities this weekend, such as the Walk on the Wild Side in the Clear Lake area on Sunday, the day will start of cooler, in the low 40s. But sunny skies should push afternoon high temperatures up into the 60s.

9 thoughts on “Splendid January weather for Houston this week, mostly

  1. Linda

    Thank you for the good news of beautiful weather. I’m not quite ready for the heat and humidity to show up again! Have a lovely week.

  2. Ennis

    I’ve heard multiple people state that we should expect a massive cold in the next few weeks – single digits – worse than recently. Fake news?

    1. Weatherbug

      Actually, the latest long-range forecasts do not call for a return of arctic air into Texas over the next 2-3 weeks. However, this does not mean winter is coming to a close. There are some signs the weather pattern could trend colder around the middle of February. This does not necessarily equate to another ice storm like recently.

  3. Sky Guy

    ALERT: The CMC for the past few runs has been consistently cutting off a low around the beginning of February, Something to watch as the CMC has been good this season at detecting storms in the long range, it detected the 3 winter weather events we’ve had this season before the Euro or GFS. And keep in mind we don’t have to have a very cold airmass to get a winter storm, in fact, the air mass being too cold tends to work against us sometimes because of the suppression of the storm track.

    I think you should blog on this, Eric.

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