Storms are possible tonight as a front swoops into Houston; and is mid-March going to be really cold?

Good morning. We’re experiencing yet another muggy and warm morning across the region, but rest assured this will be the last one until early next week. This evening, we will need to watch for the possibility of storms affecting Houston as a cold front moves into our region, but at this point our concern-o-meter is not registering too high. But do be wary of the possibility of some strong thunderstorms after dark. Also, this post will also address some questions we’ve been receiving about the potential for a decent cold snap in the middle of March.

The threat of severe weather will be greater tonight north of the Houston metro area. (NOAA)


Highs today will reach the low 80s, beneath mostly cloudy skies. Perhaps the most notable feature today will be fairly strong southerly winds, gusting to about 30 mph. We may see a few scattered, light showers during the daytime, but a capping inversion should prevent any significant rainfall during the day time. The question is, what happens when the front nears?

We’ll find out tonight. The front should reach western areas of Houston, including Katy, around 8 to 10 pm, the downtown area between 9 pm and 11 pm, and push off the coast by midnight or shortly thereafter, Most of the region falls under a “slight” chance of severe weather, which includes the possibility of strong thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes. My expectations are that most of this severe weather will pass to the north of the Houston metro area, but we can’t rule out thunderstorms or other inclement weather as the front sweeps through.

If you’re out and about this evening, such as attending the rodeo, it is important to keep weather aware after the show is over. This will be a fast moving front. The worst of the storms should pass in 15 to 30 minutes. So if there are storms moving through, do not try running to your car or “making” it. Stay under cover, and the system will pass quickly. Lows tonight will drop into the mid-50s.


This will be a sunny and breezy day, with highs of around 70 degrees. Gusts will be out of the north at about 20 mph. Lows on Friday night should drop to around 50 degrees in Houston, with cooler conditions further inland.

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend looks sunny and pleasant, with highs in the upper 70s both days, and lows Saturday night in the 50s, and Sunday night in the 60s. Plan your outdoor activities with confidence.

A colder air mass will be moving into the United States later next week. (Pivotal Weather)

Next week

Houston will be warm and partly cloudy next week through about Wednesday. But after that? Some sort of front is in the cards by around Thursday or so. The models have been flopping around a fair bit, but we do seem headed toward much cooler weather by next weekend. This is because the overall air mass over the Central United States will be turning colder at this time, and we’ll have to see how much of this colder air works its way south into the Houston region. For now, I’d bet this means lows in the 40s, but that remains to be seen. If you’re worried about a freeze, it put the chances of this happening in Houston at 10 percent or less.

16 thoughts on “Storms are possible tonight as a front swoops into Houston; and is mid-March going to be really cold?”

  1. This weekend might be the last good one for about seven or eight months, so get outside and enjoy it.

    • Come on, you know that’s not true. We almost always have nice weather in March, April, and into May. You’re always so negative in these comments. If you hate Houston weather so much, just move.

      • Personally, I think Blackhawks Fan is more of a realist about our Houston weather. Longtime residents of the Bayou City know that our general climate is not the most desirable – after all, the Allen brothers were trying to make a land development buck in selling Harrisburg/Houston to settlers.

        A low cost of living is the major draw here versus the weather. If we have a good weekend forecasted, it makes sense to maximize it.

        • But blackhawk fan comments in the past on having issues with houston weather would make others wonder “if this person really hate houston weather, why not leave the area”?

        • I’ve lived here for 33 years. I’m well aware of the downsides. But October- May is generally pretty amazing all things considered. Sure it can be unseasonably cold for spells or warm and humid for spells. But I’ll take our brutal summers over the NE, MW, and NW brutal winters in a second.

          And I can guarantee you that the first weekend in March won’t be the “last nice weekend” for 7 months. We will have plenty through May.

          Move to San Diego if you want perfect weather

      • The only thing keeping me in Houston is my job. Retirement is on the horizon. Sayōnara.

  2. Anecdotally, I would put the chances of a freeze much higher. We gambled and got an earlier and much expanded start on our garden this year, so this would be the year for a later than average freeze!

  3. Thanks Eric! Anyone who has lived here and experienced our crazy, unstable Spring a few times, knows not to plant tomatoes before the rodeo leaves town! Late cold fronts are a possibility really until Easter.

    • There is usually the ‘Easter Snap” or “Easter Spell,” which is a tradition in Houston. Although it is quite chilly, it is not typically freezing.

  4. Thanks, Eric! I threw caution to the wind and planted my tomatoes 2 weeks ago in hopes for a maximum harvest before they stop producing in the heat. Standing by with freeze cloth but glad to know it probably won’t be necessary!

  5. I planted my tomatoes a week ago. Also planted some snow peas, green beans and corn. All sprouted in just a few days due to the warm temperatures. And as I usually say, “If I had any luck at all, it would be bad luck.” I hope it does not get cold enough to damage all these things.

    But I guess it could be worse. Both my brothers and sister have about 18″ to 24″ of snow sitting in their yards in SLC, UT and Evergreen, CO. And a friend in CA is snowed in at her place in the San Bernardino Mtns by Big Bear. She cannot hardly get out or her house. She said snow is deeper than she is tall.

  6. Thanks, Eric. Do you think there will be any more dust with this front? I’m 75 and never knew I had a dust allergy until Monday!

  7. The weather meteorologists are above reproach, the comments can be a nice distraction from the world around us.
    Thank you SCW and to the whole “Monty Python Crew”.

  8. Do not plant tomatoes before rodeo leaves Houston. Do not put sweaters away until after Easter no matter how late it is. Do not put shorts away until after Halloween. then you’ll be fine

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