Storms hitting Houston at rush hour, but they’re moving

As a low-pressure system that had been southwest of Houston—and produced significant flooding in Valley locations such as Welasco today—has begun to be pulled to the northeast, heavier rains have moved into the metro area this afternoon and early evening. Although we are not too concerned about significant flooding from these rains, they unfortunately struck during the evening commute.

Radar as of 5:30pm CT on Wednesday. (Intellicast)

The good news is that the storms are moving to the north at a pretty solid clip, so the heaviest showers (with hourly rainfall rates of 1-2 inches) are moving through. We are starting to see some high water on roadways and freeway feeder roads, but as of 5:30pm this has affected just a handful of areas. Please drive carefully and do not drive into high water. These storms will pass.

We think this evening is probably the worst of it, but with a moist atmosphere and low pressure lingering, there probably will be some additional showers on Thursday—with some areas picking up another 1 to 2 inches of rainfall. If any of this changes, we’ll update you.


12 thoughts on “Storms hitting Houston at rush hour, but they’re moving”

  1. Oh here come the rains! Thankfully my dear Fulgencio is already arrived to our home and we can start our delectable dinner and enjoy the rains. I hope everybody travels safely we will be thinking of all of you. Thank you Eric for the update and let these rain storms continue to move so quickly!

    • Thank you Armando! Please keep us in mind thatxare traveking!

      I know I am not alone wondering if dear Fulgencio was out and about in this weather! We are glad he is home safely for the exquisite meal prepared for him.

  2. Even though the waterways are barely even rising, just a little street flooding here in Kingwood is a enough to raise the anxiety levels…

  3. Think I’m under a training storm right now – – been raining for over an hour. Radar indicates this isn’t ending soon.

  4. At least the Eyewitless News teams are at last getting their videos of flooded cars to put on the air. So far, this has been a bust for them. No destruction or human tragedy to show.

  5. Cypress can not handle anymore… Cypress Creek at 110′ and that is 7′ since Tuesday!!!! Anymore rain in the overnight or morning? God I hope not

  6. What a “fun” task you have Eric. About 3 hours ago we got a deluge in The Woodlands, with loud thunder. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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