Summer officially begins today, but peak heating is months away

Good morning. Today is the longest day of the year, with a length of 14 hours, 3 minutes, and 30 seconds. For Texas, however, there is typically a considerable lag in peak heating, which does not come until August. This is due both to the fact that July and August are often the region’s sunniest months, as well as warmth moving in from the Gulf of Mexico as it continues to heat up during the next few months. Will July or August be hotter than our torrid June this year? We’ll see.

Date when maximum temperature occurs. (Brian Brettschneider, via Twitter).

Later this morning, look for a sponsored post from Reliant on taking advantage of all this sunshine with solar energy. And tomorrow, thanks in large part to your submissions, we’ll publish a top 10 list of “reasons why this summer heat and drought are just the best.” Yes, there will be some sarcasm in that list.


Houston had its warmest day of the year on Monday, when the thermometer at Bush Intercontinental Airport reached 102 degrees. Temperatures today should be a couple of degrees cooler, as there is a chance for a few more clouds to form, and some isolated showers and thunderstorms later this morning and into the early afternoon hours. If you get hit by a quick shower, consider yourself very lucky. Otherwise expect highs in the upper 90s, with light southeast winds.


This will be a day a lot like Tuesday, with isolated showers and highs in the upper 90s.

High temperature forecast for Sunday. (Weather Bell)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Our confidence is high that the heat wave will peak toward the end of this week and weekend, as high pressure builds directly over the region. Look for daily highs of 100 degrees or perhaps even a touch higher. Sunday at this point looks to be the hottest day, and hoo-boy is it going to be hot. Bru-tal.

Next week

At some point next week, likely on Monday or Tuesday, high pressure will back off some and bring our high temperatures back into the upper 90s, or a bit lower. We should also start to see more clouds and even a moderate chance of rainfall. Do I have great confidence in precipitation next week? I do not. But at least there’s a decent chance. Anything will be better than Sunday.

15 thoughts on “Summer officially begins today, but peak heating is months away”

  1. Pretty decent rain on west end of island this morning. Grass and birds very happy for every drop!

  2. Had some puddles in the driveway this morning and bit, did it…wait, no…that’s sweat pouring off after my run. We’ll call it Trace officially.

  3. We just got a 15-mile lightning alert at the plant. Haven’t heard one in ages.

  4. We just got a 15-mile lightning alert at the plant. Haven’t gotten one of those in a long time.

  5. This is the kind of energy-draining heat that has been keeping all drapes shut at home and at work. I don’t even like looking at the Smart Meter Texas electric usage site lately (yes, I’m a data wonk) since I have to use all of that just to maintain at the maximum discomfort level. Ha ha!

    If inflation means we have too many dollars sloshing around, the electric bill will quickly mop it all up.

    • We saw the rain clouds over that area from our house and felt a breeze from that direction, but that was it for us.

  6. Last night the National Weather Service had a forecast high of 106 degrees for Hooks Airport on Sunday. 106!!! I see this morning they’ve reduced the forecast high to 103 on Sunday at Hooks. What a relief.

  7. Hey Guys,
    I’ve lived along the Upper Texas Gulf Coast for 65 years, so I am a heat veteran of longstanding. After hearing the 102-104+ degree Sunday forecast, I am now sadly ready to ask this question; are we ready to compare the Heat Waves (May &June) of 2022 with the two summers that make us all wince with pain? Of course I’m talking about the summers of 1980 and 2011. Any hope that we don’t have one of these shaping up is greatly appreciated.

    • Others have discussed those specific heat waves previously considering how 22 weather is going. Will have to see if any changes other the next few months.

  8. At 9:03, notice it just started raining hard
    At 9:03:02, realize windows and sun roof on car are cracked open
    At 16:30, will realize just how awful the humidity is after a rain.

  9. Woo! Rain jackpot in League City! Gotten a good 5+ minutes of downpour, so that ought to be enough to help the yard a bit.

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