Summer proper is coming to Houston soon

By Houston’s standards, June hasn’t been too bad. Temperatures are going to end up near normal, or slightly below normal for the month. And during the last week persistent clouds and on-and-off rain showers have generally kept high temperatures in the upper 80s. But all good things must come to an end, and for Houston that means the coming of summer proper, just as we get into July and August. These are always the hottest two months in Houston, and undoubtedly this will be the case in 2017.

My advice: If we all hold hands, and huddle underneath the trees for shade, we just might make it to September.

Thursday and Friday

Moisture levels have begun falling for inland areas, but enough remains along the coast to generate some intermittent heavy rain today, and possibly on Friday. Whereas storms have been fairly widespread during the last five or six days, we’re likely to see more scattered to isolated showers to end the work week. Inland areas—north and west of Highway 59—are probably not going to see much rain. But areas closer to the coast may well see a few showers. Highs will creep up accordingly, likely reaching the low 90s.

High pressure takes control of Houston’s weather by this weekend. (Weather Bell)

The July 4th holiday weekend

I’m calling it a weekend, because a lot of people will likely be getting all four days off, from Saturday through Tuesday. It might as well be a vacation for meteorologists too, because this will be one of Houston’s classic rinse-and-repeat forecasts. High pressure will ensure that we see partly to mostly sunny skies, highs in the low to mid-90s, and rain chances near zero. So if you don’t hear much from us after Friday’s forecast, you’ll know why. Hot. Humid. Very low rain chances.

Next Wednesday and beyond

I’m not sure things change a whole lot during the second half of next week, but I could see the seabreeze squeezing out a few showers. But probably mostly just hot. Ahh, summer.

Posted at 7am CT on Thursday by Eric

5 thoughts on “Summer proper is coming to Houston soon

  1. Josh

    “My advice: If we all hold hands, and huddle underneath the trees for shade, we just might make it to September.”

    No way. Too hot to hold hands.

    1. Chuck Hoffheiser

      you forgot tractor trailer loads of ice. Even shaded areas are hotter than Hades

  2. Chuck

    Had airconditioning never been invented, the population of Houston would be about 3,500 not 3.5 million

    1. Robert Shaklovitz

      Grew up here in the 50’s – no a/c until my first summer after starting college. It sucked, and you’re right – – without a/c this city would barely qualify as a burg.

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