Sunshine returns for Houston and temperatures inch upward this weekend

With clouds and rain Thursday, we managed to only hit 48° for a high temperature. That was the third consecutive day of Houston not getting above 50°. When is the last time that occurred in November? That would be November 27 to 30, 1952.

We have not had a cold snap of this length in November since 1952. (NWS Houston)

No, the winter of 1952-53 was not especially cold. Houston only saw 3 nights of freezing temperatures after that November, none colder than 27°. One of the popular questions we’ve received is whether or not this cold weather so early means a cold winter. The unsatisfying answer I have to give you is that you simply can’t draw many conclusions about the subsequent winter based on this early season cold. It is just difficult to correlate it in either direction. But by any measure, this was one of the more powerful early season cold air masses in the U.S. in some time.

Now, we can discuss warming up a bit.


Skies mostly cleared out overnight, and that has allowed fog to develop in many parts of the area.

Bright colors on this satellite image indicate fog, which is scattered about as of 5:45 AM. (College of DuPage)

Fog should dissipate over the next few hours, and by mid-morning we should be seeing the sun poke back out. Look for ample sunshine the rest of the way and high temperatures sneaking up into the upper-50s this afternoon. Break out the shorts, y’all!


With clear skies, light winds, and a relatively dry air mass tonight, we should see temperatures actually get rather chilly again.

Another cold night is expected tonight with low temperatures running about 10 to 15 degrees colder than normal. (Weather Bell)

Expect upper-30s to around 40 or so in the city of Houston. Outlying suburbs will likely dip into the mid-30s. Folks way up north toward Cleveland or Conroe or Magnolia may drop to near-freezing. On the coast, look for Galveston to bottom out in the mid-40s.

Saturday itself looks lovely with sunshine and high temperatures around 60° or so. Expect Saturday night to be clear and chilly once more. Low temperatures will be about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than tonight, however. Look for around 40 in the city, mid- to upper-40s at the coast, and upper-30s in the northern and western suburbs.

Sunday will see mainly sunshine. A few extra clouds could sneak in throughout the day though. Otherwise, that’s it. Expect mild temperatures, with highs pushing into the mid-60s.

Next week

A few things will be going on in the background Monday and Tuesday, but overall you’ll just notice sunshine. It will be a nice start to the week with temperatures going from the upper-40s into the upper-60s, if not 70+ on Monday. Tuesday will be our first legitimate warm day in some time. We should be able to get up close to 75° both Tuesday and Wednesday with ample sunshine both days. Thursday could be even warmer. Some fog may begin to become an issue at the coast around this time. Our next cold front looks to be in the Friday/Saturday timeframe. Expect a few showers or storms then, but nothing too serious. We should see a return to cooler weather next weekend.


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14 thoughts on “Sunshine returns for Houston and temperatures inch upward this weekend

  1. Blackhawks Fan

    It would be nice if you guys could figure out how to get this cold air down here during summer.

    Maybe you can start working on it after the Holidays?

    1. John

      Some grinch on our neighborhood Facebook page suggested this freeze was due to people putting up Christmas lights before Thanksgiving.

      I offered to put out my Christmas lights in September next to test this hypothesis in the name of science.

      1. Jason

        Thanksgiving is late this year (the latest it can be) and so the corporations are pushing early Christmas season to make up for it. They can’t wait until the end of the month.

        1. Blackhawks Fan

          Home Depot and Lowes had their Christmas crap out before Halloween!

          That should be a felony.

  2. Mike

    All of you cold loving people are nuts. I didn’t leave Minneapolis to move to Houston a few decades ago for this!

    1. Blackhawks Fan

      For my money, the place to live climate-wise is Tennessee or North Carolina.

      Usually not too hot in summer, not too cold in winter (though one Christmas morning at my parents’ vacation home in Crossville, it was 19 degrees with ice fog – – couldn’t even see across the street).

  3. Houston Sand

    I’m just praying for my plants out here in Katy, TX. Looks like we’re gonna have to keep wrapping them and the pipes with blankets each night. Hoping we can get into the 80’s proper for turkey day!

  4. Red Raider

    To Matt’s point, last year the coldest day of the entire winter season was Nov 13. The second coldest day was Mar 4.

  5. PK

    Is there a way to donate without purchasing a shirt or umbrella? I just want to give you guys money!

    1. Pablo

      Came here to post just this. Don’t need a shirt or umbrella, but would like to show appreciation for y’all. Need a simple donate button on the home page or something, please.

  6. David Atwood

    It was cold enough at my house in Sienna this morning for the swimming pool freeze protection to kick in. It turns pumps on at an air temperature of 34 F.

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