You can help us! Sponsorships, t-shirts, referrals and more.

Space City Weather recently passed its one year anniversary, and what began small has grown. In addition to daily updates and comprehensive coverage during significant weather, we’ve added posts about major weather trends, explainers, and Matt will soon unveil an exceptional history series known as Space City Rewind. We have plans for additional growth in 2017.


Perhaps the biggest concern for next year is traffic during major weather events. Although our base traffic has grown quite bit, spikes during flooding this spring and summer were more significant. To ensure we remain operational during extreme weather we need to boost our server capacity, which will require additional funding. So what has been a hobby will become more business-like to ensure continuity.

You can help:

  • We are now accepting monthly sponsors for the first half of 2017. More details here.
  • Refer a friend by encouraging them to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or, perhaps most importantly, subscribe by e-mail on the right-side of this page. You’ll get absolutely nothing via e-mail from us except our weather updates.

Thanks for reading and supporting Space City Weather! Here’s to more cold fronts, modest rains, and mild summers for the next year…

6 thoughts on “You can help us! Sponsorships, t-shirts, referrals and more.

  1. SK

    Just bought my T-shirt!!! I’m happy to support Space City Weather and promote the best weather reporter in the country!!!

  2. Alisonymous

    Hard hat stickers are one of the hottest items right now and that SCW design shown above would make a great one (although a little more contrast would also be nice). Hard hat stickers often sell for three or four bucks apiece which puts their sales cost multiple orders of magnitude above their production cost. Just be sure to order the weatherproof ones. I collect stickers of all types for defacing, er, personalizing, our Yeti cooler. I think I paid six bucks for the classic “Come And Take It”. What a sucker for consumerism, eh?

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