Top 10 reasons to be thankful for our blistering heat and emerging drought

You know the heat is getting to us when we resort to a gimmick like this. But with high pressure holding sway for our weather over the next several days, there’s just not much else to to say. So we’re publishing a list of the reasons—some tongue in cheek, some not—of why we ought to be thankful for this heat and drought. We received hundreds of great suggestions, so thank you to everyone who shared them with us. Without further ado …

10. The BBQ pit heats up far more quickly. Some afternoons you can even dispense with the wood or coals.

9. Roadwork and other construction projects aren’t delayed due to weather.

8. High pressure buffers the region from any hurricanes that might form.

7. Your dogs won’t track in mud from the back yard.

(Photo by Renzo D’souza on Unsplash)

6. If you have children, you can wow them with stories about the good old days when you played outside all summer long.

5. Sunshine and long days produce a solar energy bonanza.

4. Whenever it rains again, if it ever rains again, psychologically it’s going to feel so amazing.

3. Maybe, just maybe, the extreme heat radiating from roads and parking lots, even into the night, will discourage a few potential catalytic converter thieves. 

2. No rain means far fewer mosquitoes are out there biting in the evening.

And the no. 1 reason why this heat and drought ain’t such a bad thing is that you now have a medical reason to eat ice cream—hey doc, it’s helping to keep my core temperature down!


Tuesday’s high temperature “only” reached 98 degrees in Houston, and that’s probably about where things will top out today. Like on Tuesday, we should also see some isolated to perhaps scattered showers and thunderstorms later this morning and into the afternoon hours, with a 20 to 30 percent chance. Once again, if you get hit, you should feel fortunate, as the next street over might get nothing. Winds will be light, primarily out of the southeast.


As high pressure intensifies it will tamp down on rain chances, but I think there’s still the potential for an isolated shower or two. Otherwise, expect mostly sunny skies and highs near 100 degrees.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

It will be hot, sunny, and humid. Look for highs of about 100 degrees each day, possibly in the low 100s for inland areas.

High temperature forecast for Saturday. (Weather Bell)

Next week

Conditions could start to change by Monday or Tuesday of next week, as a weak front moves into the area and brings more clouds, and perhaps nudges rain chances back up to 20 or 30 percent. This should be enough to bring high temperatures down into the upper 90s, or possibly even mid-90s with enough clouds. It is also possible that rain chances will be even higher, and temperatures lower, but it’s difficult to have too much confidence in such a hopeful forecast this far out. But some sort of change, at least, does appear to be on the way.

30 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons to be thankful for our blistering heat and emerging drought”

  1. One more reason to be thankful for our blistering heat and drought: we should get a fantastic harvest of Celestine figs this year! They love hot and dry.

  2. A few raindrops fell early yesterday as I was walking in west League City.

  3. And we don’t have to wonder if we should take an umbrella! Thanks for your positive spin to this challenging weather. Especially grateful for the hurricane deterrent.

  4. My personal reason to be thankful for the ongoing heat…possible fireworks ban (fingers crossed).

  5. You guys really are amazing. You almost brought tears to my eyes at your sweet attempts to make us grateful for the hot weather. We almost got some rain yesterday and got so very excited. Actually it rained at the front of our house but not at the back so no cause for celebration. We love you and keep up the good work

  6. 11) Save energy by cooking lunch and dinner on the driveway. Or the hood of your car. I hear the steaks taste just great. Better than on the George Foreman Grill.

  7. I didn’t think of Reason #3 but a good side benefit of the heat. I’d also hope that all that radiating heat felt by the catalytic converter thieves on Houston concrete would give them a preview of the heat in Hell they will experience for this evil.

    If they are atheist, I’ll just hope they get some skin burns from the concrete now. Hey – I’m being optimistic in an added fashion here. Burn today or burn in the afterlife. Ha ha!

    I realized that all of this heat also makes the “cold” water coming out of the sink not so cold – so there’s no need to call for as much heated water in our buildings.

  8. Absolutely LOVE your Top 10 reasons to be thankful for our blistering heat and emerging drought!!! Especially #2 FEWER MOSQUITOS!!!
    Thanks Space City Weather for trying to look on the bright side of things! ❤️🤍💙 Plus thanks for y’all’s commitment for giving us accurate weather info!!!

    • I am having the same issue. I had to use my computer to come read the post the past few days instead of on my app. I’ll go update the app and see if that helps.

  9. Leave it to you guys to help us appreciate the heat! Thanks, the top 10 helps, (some anyway, ok, not much but some).

  10. What a wonderful belly laugh I had reading your top 10! Thanks. They certainly help ease and lighten up the bleakness of our daily forecasts thus far. Looking forward to next week and its hopeful forecast…rain, rain where are you?

  11. I didn’t think there was any humor in “The June Furnace” Houston has Blazing hot this year but I couldn’t help but laugh at your quips.
    Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning.

  12. The strange thing is this seems like a classic midsummer weather pattern all across the country, and it does not show any signs of switching. Whatever happened to June?

  13. Loved the top ten reasons!
    Went to Garner State park last week,was sad to see the frio river was low and the water temp was rather warm. Still had a good time.

  14. This reason is a bit sad, but IF you put a large, shallow bowel of water on a table under a shade tree outside a window during a heat wave, you will be treated to a constant display of backyard birds taking baths. Other wildlife may visit as well. Never let it go dry. Also a great lesson for kids. Again, wildlife suffers in heat waves so be kind! 😀

  15. My favorite #8; buffers hurricanes. after flooding in Harvey and Imelda out here in Tarkington Prairie I’ll deal with the heat. I know it wreaks havoc on much but flooding is not good.

  16. 77 here in San Leon this Thursday morning. Feels much cooler after 2 weeks of 81 lows. I noticed the chance for rain increases next week and the high temps for the weekend are lower. The forecasts seem to be bouncing back and forth. What gives?

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