Unrelenting heat for the next week in Texas

By now you know the drill for our upcoming weather: Houston and the rest of Texas will feel the influence of a large area of high pressure over the coming week, with heat likely peaking this weekend. Rain chances are effectively non-existent for at least the next seven days, and likely longer.

Thursday and Friday

A mix of clouds and sunshine will help to moderate temperatures slightly, keeping high temperatures in the mid-90s. South winds of about 10mph will offer only a little relief from the heat and humidity, and overnight temperatures will only drop into the upper 70s. Rain chances are near zero.

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend looks extremely hot, with most areas except the coast potentially reaching 100 degrees. Expect sunny days and clear nights.

Almost the entire state of Texas should reach 100 degrees on Sunday. (Pivotal Weather)

First half of next week

The pattern remains more or less the same. Temperatures may back off slightly into the upper 90s, but it will still be hot-hot-hot with ample sunshine.

When does this pattern change?

We’re likely locked into this pattern through at least Thursday or Friday of next week before the high pressure may ease off, allowing for clouds to develop, and bringing back at least the potential for some rain showers. Stay safe, y’all.

7 thoughts on “Unrelenting heat for the next week in Texas

  1. Jingle Jangle

    I know it this is no fault of Eric or Matt but “yuck” to this forecast.

  2. Millie Vee

    Any thoughts/tips about seeing comet NEOWISE here in Houston? I’ve read conflicting things about whether you need binoculars or can see it unaided. Thanks!

  3. Jason

    It’s normal for July to start off the real hot and dry summer weather–June tends to be rainy here. glad that the tropics are still not acting up much; a tropical storm or hurricane is not what we need right now.

  4. Tropical Tiffy

    I just want it to rain here!!! The weather has been so boring lately and this forecast is very boring. Ugh….temps are the same day after day. Summer doldrums are no fun here!!! >.>

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