We’re going to say it: Winter is pretty much over for Houston

The big story this morning, and for the next couple of mornings, is fog with warm, muggy air lingering over colder waters. A dense fog advisory is in effect until 10am for Monday morning. We’re also ready to declare that Houston will see more no more freezes this season, and that despite some cooler weather during the second half of this week, winter is effectively over for our region.

The fog is back in Houston this morning. (National Weather Service)


After the fog burns off, today will be a mostly cloudy, warm day with temperatures likely rising to around 80 degrees. Some very light rain will be possible across the region, but chances are only about 10 to 20 percent. Rain chances will be a bit better tonight, but again anything that falls should be light and misty.

Rodeo weather

Temperatures going into the show this evening will be in the upper 70s, and while rain chances aren’t zero, they are quite low. Expect light southeasterly winds and high humidity. Post-show temperatures will be down around 70, with misty rain possible, but unlikely. Don’t expect to see many, if any stars—at least outside NRG Stadium.


Fog will very likely be a problem again this morning. Then, we’ll be in for another warm, mostly gray day, with highs again near 80. Rain chances will be slightly better, again with misty rain mostly likely what falls from the sky. Southerly winds will pick up later in the day, gusting up to 20mph by the evening.


The region’s next cold front finally pushes into the region on Wednesday, and this will bring us our next healthy chance of rainfall. With ample moisture and a somewhat disturbed atmosphere, there is a good chance of showers and potentially some thunderstorms along with the front’s passage. Highs Wednesday will be in the 70s, with lows that night falling to around 60—cooler inland and warmer near the coast.

Thursday and Friday

Cooler and drier air will work its way into the region toward the end of the week, this will lead to partly to mostly sunny days, and highs in the 60s or 70s. Lows should fall into the 40s for everyone but coastal areas. Sunshine, people!

Saturday and Sunday

The front is carrying enough oomph that we expect skies to remain mostly clear for the weekend, although I’m not 100 percent confident in that yet. For now I’d anticipate partly to mostly sunny days, with highs in the 60s or 70s, with a slight chance of spotty rain showers. More to come, tomorrow.


Houston experienced a freeze as recently as March 5 and 6, but it looks like we’re done with “Arctic” fronts for the winter of 2018-2019. While we can certainly gets freezes in Houston during March and even early April, the pattern does not support that this year. Moreover, the ensemble forecasts for the next 16 days from both the GFS and European models do not hint at a freeze. Therefore, I feel pretty confident in stating that the metro area will see no more freezes until at least late in 2019. Happy Spring, y’all.

16-day ensemble temperature forecast from the GFS mode for Houston IAH. (Weather Bell)

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12 thoughts on “We’re going to say it: Winter is pretty much over for Houston

  1. Janine Catalano

    “We’re also ready to declare that Houston will see more freezes this season…”.

    ??? Is this a typo? More freezes??

  2. Dennis Walker

    Had my ac on this weekend. Ugh we need some in between weather. Looks like this weekend coming up.

      1. Barb Nagelhout

        Does any weather person really know what they are talking about? You all have been wrong about the weather for a long time. Don’t you have to go to school ? You talk about models but you are always wrong

  3. Kimberley Carmody

    I am flying out of Hobby on Wednesday morning with a 6:00 am departure time. Do you have a timing of when the weather will ramp up. Just want to be prepared for a delay or cancellation of my flight.

  4. Ray Scheel

    Took a walk in my woods today (north of Huntsville). I have never seen a freeze after the oaks start to drop pollen, and they are now in full swing. The buds of the hickory trees are starting to swell, and they are among the last to open up. Spring has sprung.

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