We’ve survived August—if only barely

Well, we made it. August has ended. You may recall at the outset of this month I wrote that August was a month to survive in Houston: “If you’re in Houston in August and the high temperature is not in the upper 90s or higher, the streets aren’t flooding, and you’re not concerned about an impending hurricane—it’s a win.” Alas we didn’t do much winning in August. The daily high temperature was 98 degrees or higher on 15 days last month, and we spent about 10 days worrying about an impending hurricane. So August was August, and now, at least, it’s over.

It’s going to be very hot again on Tuesday in Houston. (Pivotal Weather)


September won’t bring immediate change to Houston in terms of temperatures, but we do still expect a pattern shift in about nine or 10 days time. Alas, Houston will remain under a heat advisory on Tuesday, with high temperatures in the upper-90s across much of the region and sultry humidity pushing the heat index to 110 degrees or higher for much of the region. Skies will be mostly sunny. Let’s be honest, this is pretty oppressive weather—the only very slight relief will come from a southerly breeze, which may at times gust above 20 mph. Rain chances are near zero.

Wednesday and Thursday

For now we’ll go with continued hot and mostly sunny weather for these days, and additional heat advisories will probably be warranted for the Houston metro area. The one wrinkle is that an upper-level low pressure system and a cold front over North Texas may help spur a few showers in Houston, but for now I think we’ll remain dry. The best bet is on continued heat and sunshine. We do have some concerns for the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and this system, as it could bring 6 inches of rain or more through Thursday, which may lead to some localized flooding in central and northern Texas between now and Thursday.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

The forecast for the weekend remains a bit uncertain as some tropical moisture may move in from the Gulf of Mexico. This may elevate rain chances to on the order of about 30 percent each day, but for the most part I expect Houston to remain hot, in the mid-90s, and partly to mostly sunny. We’ll try to pin this forecast down in the next day or so.

Yes, the front is still there in both the GFS (shown) and European models. (Weather Bell)

Next week

We’re still looking at the possibility of a pretty decent cold front by Wednesday or so of next week. We are making no promises—early season fronts often fail to materialize—but this feature remains fairly consistent within the models. If it happens, we can probably expect a nice shot of rainfall, before drier and cooler air moves in. Should the front happen, it probably would bring a couple of days of highs in the 80s, with lows in the 60s. So, fingers crossed, Houston. All of them.

10 thoughts on “We’ve survived August—if only barely”

  1. A shot of rainfall next week accompanied by drier and cooler air? Ooh baby talk dirty to me LOL

  2. Boy look how uniformly hot and miserable all those ensemble measures look before the purported “cold front” appears in that graphic. Yikes.

    If this is a bona fide cold front, don’t the chances of a hurricane hitting Houston this year drop to almost zero? If I’m remembering my Space City Weather correctly, that’s the trigger for the end of Texas Hurricane Season, even though Hurricane Season continues until November for everywhere else.

  3. We can’t hold you to it, unfortunately, but a cool front would be welcome. Digits crossed, not that I’m superstitious.

  4. 35 years in England and 6 here, so the heat is still a pleasant novelty for now, i’m fine with the sunshine. Honestly, after spending most of my life somewhere where summer is a toss up between rubbish and non-existent … I’ll take it 🙂

  5. The nights have been so warm and muggy. My AC is chugging through the night. So, 60s next week sounds great.

  6. The first rule of Houston cold fronts is you DO NOT talk about possible cold fronts! We don’t need to jinx ourselves!

    • Exactly. That’s as much of a jinx as saying you’ll have extra money this month. Not a wise move at all.

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