Will Houston’s summer never end?

This weekend saw some impressive early October heat. Oh, did I write impressive? I meant oppressive. Especially on Sunday—when the high temperature reached 93 degrees. So far seven of this month’s eight days have seen warmer than normal conditions, which is especially galling at a time of year when many of us are looking forward to cooler fall weather.

October has started out warm for Houston. (National Weather Service)


We’re going to have one more uncharacteristically hot day on Monday before some moderate relief finally arrives. Highs today may again rise into the low 90s, and another high today of 93 degrees would tie a record high for this date. However, a moderate cool front will reach the northern part of Houston tonight, and should move off the coast by Tuesday morning.


Some moisture will pool ahead of the front, which could lead to some light, scattered showers on Tuesday morning before the front moves offshore. Most areas probably won’t see rain, and those that do probably won’t see more than a tenth or two of an inch of rainfall. Highs Tuesday should only rise into the low 80s, with drier air making the evening and overnight temperatures feel pleasant.


This should be the region’s nicest day in a while. Temperatures will start off somewhat cool and dry, with lows in the 50s for far inland areas, low 60s for Houston, and near 70 degrees along the coast. With mostly sunny skies, look for highs of around 80 during the afternoon hours.

Forecast low temperatures for Wednesday morning. (National Weather Service)


Alas, the pleasant weather will not last. Highs will warm into the mid-80s on Thursday, and moisture will begin returning from offshore. This will set the stage for another warm weekend.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

High pressure returns, and this will mean warm days with highs of around 90 degrees, and muggy nights with lows of around 70. Rain chances will probably remain near zero, as well. So for the handful of you out there who like summer weather in Houston, you can look forward to a beachy weekend.

Another front seems likely to move through early next week, perhaps on Tuesday. Given our sluggish start to fall, I wouldn’t bet on it being a particularly strong one. But you can bet I’ll be watching and hoping …

19 thoughts on “Will Houston’s summer never end?

  1. Kevin Soarks

    Eric, I found your site in the midst of Harvey and have been (and will continue to be) an avid reader ever since. Space city provides the most accurate timely and informative weather information I have ever encountered! I now make it a regular habit to refer everyone I know (or anyone who I hear speaking about weather and weather forecasting!) to your site. Thanks for all your great work, and all the best!

  2. Marge

    We have found your site to be a wonderful help! Is there anything similar in other parts of our country? I am especially interested in Colorado.

    1. Kip

      That is, if they even make it past Dallas. Houston weather has only gotten worse in the 16 years I’ve been here, and it never was Santa Barbara. Crazy when you are jealous of weather in places like Omaha.

  3. Freshwater

    i wouldnt mind an article showing what our temps normally are in October and what they’ve been the past 5 years. I feel like October is always like this, we all expect it to be cooler and then it never ever is. Heck I remember sweating with my kids on Halloween.

    1. Estaban

      Bill, my adult kids would love to see 12″ of snow in Houston!

      Having lived in Buffalo and Boston (3’+ of snow one weekend), I’m glad I was able to sell my snow blower when I moved to this area. 🙂

      The perpetual summer is a bit of a downer, though, but I’ve gotten use to it over the last decades.

      My friends in the Northeast find it hilarious that the lawn needs mowing during the Christmas holidays.

  4. Nick

    I know it’s in Boston, but very relevant weather forecast to Houstonians…… is the Astros game going to be rained out today??

  5. JD

    Ugh. I have given up on Houston weather. I guess this is the new normal – a very hot and muggy six month season in the summer and a slightly hot and muggy six month season in the “winter”.

  6. Blackhawks Fan

    Last Christmas it was something like 84 degrees here so the answer is “Summer will never end”. Where I grew up, the average high on the 4th of July is 82 degrees.

    Counting the years to retirement and a Houston departure for good…

  7. Christopher Freeman

    It’s times like this that I want to leave Houston and never come back.

    And by “times like this” I mean from about May 1st – November 1st.

  8. Tom


    I used to work in natural gas trading and really like the color coded maps that show deviations from normal across the US – but they are all on services that are very expensive like WSI and Earthsat. Are you aware of any place to get those online? Be nice to see potential cold fronts. Thanks for all y’all do!


  9. Jay

    Eric, That first chart, showing low’s normal & highs is very awesome. It does such a good job of putting “today” and the recent part and future days into perspective. I know it may not fit your your usual blogging style, but it would be nice it that thing were just automated and always available and updated. Have you ever considered doing such thing?

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