Winter blows back in for St. Patrick’s Day in Houston

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who celebrate. Just a little different out there this morning! Temperatures versus 24 hours are much colder.

Temperatures are running a good 15 to 20 degrees colder than 24 hours ago across the area. (Pivotal Weather)

We are running 15 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, and that disparity will probably worsen through the day as temperatures stagnate. It feels more like a Valentine’s Day than a St. Patrick’s Day.


Last night’s line of storms is now long gone, but we are left with showers that will actually tick up in intensity some in the Houston area over the next hour or two.

Periods of showers and rain will continue this morning, tapering off this afternoon. (RadarScope)

Look for rain or showers to continue through probably midday across much of the area, and even then it will only gradually shut off. Temperatures will go almost nowhere today, stuck in the 40s, maybe up to low-50s in a few spots later this afternoon. The wind will continue howling at times as well through the day.


Cody Johnson takes the stage tonight at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, and you’ll want to dress warmly! Temperatures will be near 50 degrees on your way in and in the upper 40s on your way out with a continued breeze. Rain should be done with, but it will still be a bit damp.

Low temperatures tonight will bottom out generally in the 40s area-wide. Some light rain showers are possible toward morning.

Saturday & Sunday

Look for another cloud-dominant day tomorrow. Temperatures will probably again struggle into the mid-50s at best. A few passing showers will be around, especially south of Houston. It’s entirely possible that a few areas see some sleet mix in with the rain, though I’m not sure it will be precipitating hard enough for that to happen. For those of you planning outdoor activities, there’s probably a better chance than not that you’ll be mainly dry this weekend, but it will remain breezy and chilly and mostly cloudy.

Sunday morning low temperatures will be quite chilly on Sunday, with 30s in outlying areas and around 40 closer to Houston. (Pivotal Weather)

Morning lows will be chilly on Sunday. We expect 30s and 40s for minimums. A freeze is not a concern in the Houston area, but it’ll certainly feel cold. Look for another day of mostly cloudy skies and low-end shower chances on Sunday, with highs perhaps a little better into the mid or even upper-50s. Either way, be ready for a chilly finale to the Rodeo!

A quick note: If your travels are to or from Big Bend or Guadalupe Mountains National Park this weekend, there is a good chance of some snow out that way. Higher elevations of West Texas may see an inch or two of snowfall from this moisture and cold.

A few inches of wet snow are likely in higher elevations of West Texas this weekend, including portions of Big Bend National Park. (Pivotal Weather)

More a curiosity than a travel woe, but certainly impressive for mid-March!

Monday and Tuesday

Look for another day of mid or upper-50s after morning lows in the 30s and 40s on Monday. Monday morning may be the coldest of this stretch with widespread mid to upper-30s. Tuesday will see 40s to low-50s in the morning and upper-60s in the afternoon. Both days will be partly sunny with a low-end chance of showers.

Later next week

We will certainly warm up a lot on Wednesday and Thursday. Look for mid to upper-70s on Wednesday and 80s on Thursday. Both days should see at least some sunshine.

Thursday will feel more like later spring with highs likely into the 80s across the area. (Pivotal Weather)

Beyond that, we may see another cold front around next Friday or Saturday to offer some comfortable weather next weekend and early on the week of the 27th. More on that next week.

7 thoughts on “Winter blows back in for St. Patrick’s Day in Houston”

  1. I knew this front was coming and would be pretty strong, but wow it is COLD out there, especially with that wind! More like December for Houston. Reviving the heavy coat and fireplace one last time.

  2. “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb” is the old saying. The lion may have been late to the party but is here now.

    The good news is that everyone can get one more use of their Houston winter wear.

  3. I remember participating in several March Spring Break 5K fun runs in Galveston around 2001, 2002, 2003 and maybe 2004. In one fun run, I walked it on the beach in a sweat shirt and sweat pants, because the temperatures were in the 40s and most likely low 40s during the 8 A.M. hour.

  4. Well it actually feels like Ireland here in Texas today so the weather here actually matches St. Patrick’s day in way lol

  5. I would like to see commentary next Friday as to how this storm affected the drought situation in Houston and Texas. Thanks.

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