Houston close to having the most 80-degree days during a winter

After Houston reached 81 degrees on Monday (tying a record high set in 1911), the city has now recorded 12 days with high temperatures of 80 degrees, or warmer, this winter. According to the National Weather Service, the record for total number of 80-degree days in “winter,” defined here as December through February, is 17, which has happened three times (1995-96, 1956-57, & 1910-11). We’re likely to pick up at least two more 80-degree days this week, so that will put us at 14. I’d give us even odds of breaking the overall mark.

Tuesday and Wednesday

If you liked “winter” on Monday in Houston, you’re going to love the next two days. A strong southwesterly flow of warm, dry air from Mexico will bring a surge of winter heat into the region.

Expect drier, less humid air today and Wednesday across most of Texas. (Weather Bell)

I’m anticipating high temperatures of around 85 degrees on both days, with partly to mostly sunny skies. Lows will fall to around 60 degrees. As drier air mixes down, fire conditions will increase so take care of sparks.

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Thursday and Friday

A weak front arrives Wednesday night to provide some slightly cooler weather—I’d expect low 70s on Thursday and mid-70s on Friday. Partly to mostly sunny skies will prevail, and overnight temperatures should fall into the 50s for most areas, except for along the coast. Rain chances remain near zero.

Saturday and Sunday

Temperatures will climb back up to about 80 degrees this weekend, with partly sunny skies. As moisture levels rebound with the onshore flow, there will be a chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms this weekend, but the details are still hazy at this time. I would not expect any significant rainfall accumulations.

Next week

The forecast for the start of next week indicates the possibility of some moderate to heavy rain (maybe accumulations of 1 to 2 inches?) associated with some storm systems during the Monday-Wednesday period, and warm temperatures in the 70s, before finally the passage of a cold front brings us some cooler, more winter-like weather.

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11 thoughts on “Houston close to having the most 80-degree days during a winter”

  1. Eric and Matt,
    Great job on delivering weather info with no bluster.
    Question I have is…with all the warmer weather, is and early budding and pollen season likely?
    Oak is my nemesis so I have already started my premedication.

    • I would think so, Tom, but I don’t know enough about Oak tree pollination to give you a definitive answer.

  2. I am looking forward to the next cool front. Do all signs point to a long, extremely hot summer? Just trying to prepare myself.

  3. “A strong southwesterly flow of warm, dry air from Mexico will bring a surge of winter heat into the region.”

    “winter heat” – what a weird concept.

  4. Joking

    Dang. Leaving for Hawaii soon, long planned vacation. You guys were supposed to order up sleet, snow, freezing rain, for Space City while we were vegging on the beach! It’s as warm here as in Maui and Kauai.


  5. I can tell it will be warm outside today – I had to turn the space heater in the office on because the A/C has my office down to 66 F.

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