Month: November 2017

Three more warm days until fall returns to Houston

Posted by Eric Berger at 6:49 AM

Houston faces three more warm days before a cool front knocks us out of this warm weather pattern and into much more fall-like conditions for most of next week. The forecast for Thanksgiving remains about as clear as gravy.

Thursday and Friday

We’ll see some possibly foggy mornings each day, and then warm days with highs of around 80 degrees. We can’t rule out some scattered, light rain on Thursday afternoon, but chances of this are pretty small. Nights will be muggy, with lows only falling into the upper 60s. On Friday southerly winds could be fairly gusty across the area.

Not much, if any, rainfall is expected between now and Tuesday morning. (NOAA)


A cold front is coming on Saturday, but the day will start out warm, and highs will probably reach about 80 degrees for most of the area. I’d peg the front’s arrival at sometime in the afternoon for most of the city, with it perhaps moving off the coast around sunset. Some scattered showers are possible with the front’s passage, but any accumulations should be slight. A northerly wind will bring immediately cooler and drier air into the region and overnight lows should fall to around 50 degrees.

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Perhaps you’re traveling out of town via an airport. Perhaps you’re having 30 family members over to your home. Perhaps you just want to toss the football around in the back yard, as is customary on Thanksgiving. Whatever the circumstance, weather matters during Thanksgiving week. And for now, it looks pretty festive for Houston—rather than an 80-degree sweat fest that we’ve had in some recent years.

Texas is warm this morning, and will remain so until the weekend when a front moves through. (Weather Bell)

Wednesday through Friday

Houston’s weather will gradually warm up to end the work week, with overnight lows rising from about 60 degrees in the city on Wednesday morning to the upper 60s by Saturday morning. Mornings will see at least some patchy fog due to muggy air and near dead calm winds. High temperatures will remain pegged at about 80 degrees, with partly to mostly sunny skies. Can’t entirely rule out a few light showers later this week, but I’d bet heavily against rain for most people.

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Good morning. Houston will experience a bit of a warming trend before a cold front shakes things up this weekend. After that, conditions should feel more fall like for the remainder of November.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Drier, easterly winds will give way to a more southerly flow tonight, and that will allow for humidity levels to rise Tuesday night and into Wednesday. Aside from that, conditions won’t change too much, with highs near 80 degrees under mostly sunny skies, and overnight lows in the low 60s for inland areas, and mid- to upper-60s along the coast.

In this temperature anomaly plot from the GFS, the mercury creeps up well above normal before a front on Saturday. (Weather Bell)

Thursday and Friday

These will be the warmest days of the week, as high temperatures climb into the low 80s, and overnight lows reach near 70 degrees along the coast. We’ll see some low rain chances, but any precipitation that falls will be slight, and short-lived.

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Warmer this week, then a cooler end to November

Posted by Eric Berger at 6:49 AM

After a pleasant weekend, we’ll have a warmish week of weather after which we are likely to enjoy a cooler second half to the month of November. In fact, after this week, I suspect 80-degree days will be few and far between for the rest of 2017.

Monday and Tuesday

Houston will start out the week with really pleasant weather, as a northeasterly flow should bring slightly lower humidity for the first few days. We’ll see high temperatures in the upper 70s, under mostly sunny skies, and overnight lows around 60 north of Houston and in the mid-60s along the coast.

Notice the difference in wind direction on Monday morning (top) and Tuesday night (bottom). That’s the difference in lower and higher humidity. (Weather Bell)


As the onshore flow resumes sometime on Tuesday, we can expect humidity to begin rising on Wednesday, although it won’t be too unpleasant as highs remain at about 80 degrees. There’s the slightest chance of a rain shower, but for the most part skies should be sunny. Lows for the rest of the work week will be in the mid-60s.

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