AC giveaway from Reliant returns!

Summer is coming—which means months and months of heat and humidity for our fair city. So this is a great time to announce that we’re bringing back an extremely popular promotion from last year. In 2019 Reliant gave away two complete AC systems entirely FREE. And we’re thrilled to announce that they’re doing it again! As a Space City Weather reader, you’re the first to know.

If you do not need to read any more, drop everything and click here to enter.

We’re really pleased to offer this promotion to readers again this year. It speaks to Reliant’s commitment to our vision of keeping the greater Houston area informed about weather in a reliable and sensible way. There is really no catch, and these systems are the whole enchilada. The two air conditioner systems are worth up to $11,000 each. (But really, can you put a price on cool air in August?)


Here are the details of this year’s contest, which will take place over two phases from now through September:

  • Phase I winner chosen from May 12-July 15 entries
  • Phase II winner chosen from July 16-September 15 entries
  • One winner will be chosen, randomly, at the end of each phase
  • Once you enter, you’re entered for both phases of the contest
  • Winners must be 18, and own a home in the greater Houston metro area
  • Your AC system must be eight years or older

If you’re not eligible for the contest and know someone who could really benefit from a free, new AC system heading into the hottest time of the year, please share the contest link with them.

Complete details and the entry form are available at the contest page. Good luck to everyone and thanks to Reliant for helping us stay cool!

4 thoughts on “AC giveaway from Reliant returns!

  1. Milt

    “Summer is coming—which means months and months of heat and humidity for our fair city…”

    Thanks Eric…enjoy your day too!

  2. Ben M

    Sure would like to see them open the contest to all readers of the website like those of us outside their coverage area but still within the realm of Space City Weather forecasting. I know they are making marketing decisions here but limiting it to only their potential customers seems to miss a sizeable chunk of the website viewership, no?

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