Coming soon to a smartphone near you: The Space City Weather app

Last September, in the days following Hurricane Laura, Arnold Ventures reached out to Space City Weather and asked if they could help broaden our reach in the Houston community. Now, thanks to their $25,000 gift, I’m excited to say we’ve been able to move into development of a Space City Weather app. I’ve asked my former colleague at the Houston Chronicle, tech guru Dwight Silverman, to lead this effort. He explains more in today’s post.

Almost immediately after Space City Weather’s launch more than five years ago, readers began asking: When are you going to have an app?

Finally, the answer to that question is: Soon.

Last week, Eric signed an agreement with Hussain Abbasi to develop an app for both iOS and Android devices. Our goal is to have it ready in time for this year’s hurricane season—though since tropical weather happens well before the official June 1 start, we’d like to have it in the app stores before then. And thanks to this gift, the site’s ongoing sponsorship with Reliant, and our generous readers, it will be free for everyone, with no in-app purchases.

I am honored that Eric asked me to shepherd the development, working closely with Hussain and SCW’s technical wizard, Lee Hutchinson. I provided feedback during the development of apps at the Houston Chronicle during my time there, so I’m familiar with the process. Being able to serve this site’s community is exciting, because I feel the same way about Space City Weather as a lot of you: It’s an important asset for the city and the region.

The app we’re building will feature Eric and Matt’s blog posts, local weather info, timely alerts, and many of the things you’d expect—with a distinctly local twist. We are not trying to duplicate the many other meteorological apps out there, because if you’re seriously interested in weather, you probably already have one or more on your phone.

Let’s put it this way: For residents of the greater Houston area, it’ll be a must-have. If you live in, say, Minneapolis . . . not so much!

We’ll share more as the development process evolves. Watch this space. And the skies, of course.

57 thoughts on “Coming soon to a smartphone near you: The Space City Weather app”

  1. Yay. Apps are always nice. Some color in the app will be great, but I’m sure you guys got it covered. I guess no widget, but dark sky on my iPhone and yahoo weather on my iPad are great too.

  2. Dwight Silverman???? Wow!!! That’s a name I haven’t heard in AGES!!! Welcome to the community! As a techno nerd, I am very excited about the new app!!! It definitely will be downloaded the minute it is available!!

  3. Thank you and can’t wait for an app. Such an easier way to share with friends what a great job y’all do with the weather forecast. Y’all are the only weather I follow.

  4. Yay!! I will download it as soon as it is available. So excited and at same time thrilled for you. All Y’all are awesome!

  5. Glad to see that you are still with us, Dwight Silverman!! And it is even better that you are working with Eric and Matt and all the folks that back them up. I eagerly await the app!!

  6. I know this is early in development, but please, please allow the app to have a widget and notifications for iOS.

  7. Good news. We follow SCW every day, so this will make it even better. I heard Dwight on Houston Matters this morning and am glad to hear he’s involved in this project as well as the new Forbes gig. One more thing: A commenter referenced the venerable Katy joke. After so much time and so many iterations,
    it still makes me chuckle.

  8. Woohoo! Can’t wait! You guys are my go to for weather! Proudly wearing my Space City Weather t-shirt and holding you to your campaign promise of lower humidity for all! 😉

  9. Hopefully, the app will be iPad compatible too, with the ability to be horizontal as well as vertical. Looking forward to seeing it!

  10. Terrific news! We’re so lucky to have y’all. You are faithful and unfailing in your dedication to keeping us informed in a timely manner. You’ve spoiled us and we appreciate it! Looking forward to the new app.

  11. This is great news! I look forward to the app! I got hooked on Eric’s weather reporting when we both worked at the Houston Chronicle. I’ve recommended Space City Weather to many people. I, for one, would be happy to pay for this app!

  12. This is fantastic! Sign me up . . . well, when it’s available.
    And the fact that you’re working on it, even better.
    Thanks very much to all three of you and to Reliant.

  13. Yes!!! I wake up and look forward to reading Space City – you guys always bring it and readers can tell how much you enjoy doing so! Cant wait for the app!

  14. Super excited to download this on my phone. My husband already thinks I’m a weather prognosticator, but really, it’s only cause I follow y’all. Yay!

  15. Make it do things apps can do that web sites can’t. Push notifications, widgets (current flood scale indicator?), Siri/Shortcuts actions, that kind of thing. Exciting!

  16. Well w00t! Can Venus & Milo give their visual weather thoughts in the app 😉 Thanks & Congrats to the whole awesome group!!!

  17. Congrats on this giant step forward. You two are guardians for the citizens. How lucky Houston is to have “y’all”. Nor’easterner here.

  18. Will y’all need Beta Testers for the App… I am ready and happy to lend help fighting bugs.
    Cheers! Travis

  19. Can y’all incorporate something from Tornado HQ logic in this?? Such an awesome site during storms and hurricanes.

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