Houston’s weather: Spring-like and pretty dull. Which is great.

Houston’s weather now turns rather boring—and since we’re in March that means good things like dry air and moderate temperatures—so there’s not a whole lot to say about the forecast. Overall, expect some great Spring weather in the days ahead.

Temperatures near sunrise on Wednesday morning across Texas. (Weather Bell)


We’re starting out mostly in the 40s this morning, with some areas far inland touching the upper 30s. Conditions will quickly warm today with sunny skies, and we can expect highs in the upper 60s to 70 degrees. Slight winds are currently from the east, and they will move to come from the southeast later today. We’ll see one more chilly night, with temperatures dropping to similar levels tonight as Tuesday night.


Expect another brilliantly sunny day, with highs again near or at about 70 degrees. There will be a bit more humidity with light southeasterly winds in place, and accordingly lows will only drop into the 50s on Thursday night.


We’ll see partly to mostly cloudy skies on Friday, and highs should work themselves into the lower 70s. Some scattered, light showers may develop during the afternoon hours as a moderate cool front approaches, and moves through the area. Lows Friday night will drop into the 50s.

Rain chances are slightly better east of Houston on Friday. (Weather Bell)

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend still looks great, with partly to mostly sunny skies and highs generally in the upper 60s or so. Saturday night will be a tad cooler, with lows dropping into the 40s, and slightly warmer on Sunday night.

Next week

After this weekend our weather will see a warming trend, and I would not be surprised to see temperatures hit the 80-degree mark by the middle of next week. At that point another cool front will approach, but it’s not yet clear whether this front will make it all the way to the coast, or even close enough to Houston to produce rain showers. That’s something to worry about for another day. For now, we can simply enjoy the weather.

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  1. Thank you Eric and Matt for all you do. In space, does anybody hear you scream?

  2. I saw you’re on Adam Carolla today! Can’t wait to listen and get your book. Keep up the great work!

  3. Any chance y’all can add on a specific weather blurb for this weekend’s Woodlands marathon? Keep up the great work- we love Space City Weather!

  4. The Weather Channel’s weather for The Woodlands Mall zip code 77380 is 53 degrees Fahrenheit low for Saturday morning and a Saturday high of 70 degrees F. There is a 6% chance of rain and winds 10 to 15 miles per hour from the Northeast. I hope this information helps.

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