Last cold morning for awhile—plenty of humidity and clouds ahead

It’s a rather chilly morning across the region, with temperatures falling from the mid-30s far north of Houston to the upper 40s right along the coast. However, these will be the last chilly temperatures that Houston experiences for awhile, and today will also probably be our last mostly sunny day until next week.

Houston won’t see temperatures in the 30s and 40s again, like this morning, for at least a week. (Weather Bell)


Some light sea fog will burn off fairly soon after sunrise, and temperatures will rise fairly quickly through the morning. High temperatures should reach the mid- to upper-70s across Houston with mostly sunny skies. Light winds will become more pronounced out of the south tonight, and temperatures will only drop into the upper 50s for most. These winds may help to work against the development of fog on Wednesday morning.


Increasing moisture levels will lead to a day of at least partly, if not mostly cloudy skies. Light, very scattered showers will be possible, but for the most part I think we’ll just see gray skies. High temperatures will likely reach the mid-70s. Overnight, a weak cold front will approach Texas, but most of the high-resolution modeling suggests it will stall out along Interstate 10, or just north of there. As a result, fog may be a problem for coastal areas for the rest of the week.

Thursday and Friday

Conditions toward the end of the week will depend upon which side of the front you find yourself. Highs along the coast will likely be in the 70s, and in the 60s for areas further inland. There will be decent rain chances on both days, but accumulations overall should be slight, measured in tenths of an inch.

This dewpoint forecast for Thursday morning shows the NAM model forecast for the extent of the weak cold front. (Weather Bell)

Saturday and Sunday

As the front washes out, expect a warmer weekend for pretty much all of Houston—highs in the 70s, lows in the 60s, mostly cloudy skies and plenty of humidity. Perhaps a third of the area will see rain, again most likely in the form of light showers.

Next week

Our next chance of a front that makes it all the way to the coast comes about a week from today, and we should return to more normal conditions for this time of year by then.

Another arctic front?

There appear to be rumors spreading of another Arctic Outbreak moving into the greater Houston area during the first week of March. I’ve been asked about this multiple times on Twitter and in emails, so it must be circulating somewhere. I haven’t bothered to look. This rumor is not grounded in fact, however. While Houston may see some low temperatures in the 40s during the first week of March, I’d bet against anything lower. And I can definitively say we’re not going to see a repeat of what we saw earlier this month, with record lows and widespread snow and ice.

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  1. Thank you so much for your clear, level-headed reporting. I will continue to follow your site and your lead.

    IMHO, if you are not reporting another artic vortex, then it is just so much internet rumor. You guys rock!

  2. Looking forward, how much will last week’s weather help in Hurricane season? It seems that we are more likely to start the season with a much cooler Gulf than we have in years past. Or, is this just wishful thinking?

  3. I have a question in general, When the phrase or term “Inland” does that mean any county that is not on the coast as an example Fort Bend county or Harris county.

    Thank you

  4. I realize this may not be the space but I just learned that Eric has a book on the beginnings of SpaceX coming out next week….it’s called “Liftoff” and judging by his work on Ars Technica I am sure it will be awesome. Great work Matt-Eric, and space geeks….go get this book!!

  5. You are my “go-to” weather guys. but I have two questions;

    I am a fishing fool. The only thing that can keep me from it is WIND. Is there any way you can forecast a bit further out and post the MPH ? or in knots?
    Do you have any merchandise left from your fund drive? I’m looking for a coffee cup or a fridge magnet. Name a price that’s reasonable.


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