Mostly superb winter weather to prevail for the next week or so

Houston experienced fabulous January weather on Tuesday, and we’ll have a couple of more splendid days before conditions are mixed up a bit this weekend. This is the winter most of us in Houston know and love.

Wednesday and Thursday

Not much changes for the next couple of days, as we see pleasant, sunny days with high temperatures in the low 60s, and overnight lows on Wednesday around 40 degrees—warmer closer to the coast and cooler inland. Thursday night will be milder, as the onshore flow resumes, and moisture levels begin to rise.

After a series of colder nights, Friday morning’s lows will be more moderate. (Pivotal Weather)


Those rising moisture levels will generate some clouds on Friday, and possibly some light, scattered rain. Even so, the better rain chances probably don’t come until Friday night, when an upper atmospheric disturbance appears likely to move into the region from lower Texas. Highs Friday will probably reach into the mid-60s and you’ll begin to feel the humidity.


The first day of the weekend will be mostly cloudy, humid, and relatively warm with highs of around 70 degrees. We could see some on-again, off-again light to moderate rain showers from Friday night through Saturday, but for the most part I expect accumulations to remain at about one-half inch, or less. A cold front appears likely to move through later on Saturday, probably during the nighttime hours, and that will clear things out.

Sunday into next week

So if you like the weather right now, you’re in luck. Saturday night’s front should set the stage for at least three or so more days like what we’re experiencing now beginning on Sunday, with highs in the 60s, overnight lows in the 40s, and mostly sunny skies.

With a slight warming trend, this pattern should more or less hold until Thursday or Friday of next week, when the global models are suggesting that a sinking jet stream helps drive a stronger front down into the United States, with some of that cooler air reaching Texas. I’m not sure it brings our region another freeze, but it should be noticeably cooler. We’ll watch it for you.

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  1. Jeremy

    KHOU posted something on Facebook about models showing another snow possibility about 12 days out. I would assume that’s an outlier?

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