Much warmer this morning, with storms possible tonight ahead of a mild New Year’s holiday

Good morning! It is remarkably warmer this morning across Texas and Louisiana, in some cases more than 30 degrees above lows from just 24 hours earlier. Aside from this dramatic warm-up, the big story for the next couple of days is our rain chances later today and tonight, and then mild conditions for the New Year’s holiday.

24-hour temperature change as of Thursday morning at 6:30 am CT. (Weather Bell)


Starting with lows around 60 degrees, we’ll warm up into the upper 70s today with mostly cloudy skies. With ample moisture in the atmosphere and an inbound disturbance, there will be a chance of showers and thunderstorms today, perhaps around 50 percent. But the greater chance of storms will come late this afternoon, evening, and during the overnight hours. These storms will be hit or miss, I think, with some areas picking up just 0.25 and inch of rain, but nearby areas seeing 2 or even 3 inches. Areas that see the heaviest rainfall may experience minor street flooding.

Likelihood of excessive rainfall on Thursday and Thursday night. (Weather Bell)


Rain chances likely end during the pre-dawn hours. A weak front will the slide into the region on Friday, so we likely will see partially clearing skies during the afternoon with highs in the low-70s. Winds will be light, shifting to come from the north. Lows on Friday night will drop into the low 50s.

New Year’s Eve

The final day of 2022 will be a fine one, with mostly sunny skies, moderately dry air, and highs in the mid-70s. Temperatures at midnight will be mild, about 60 degrees, with perhaps a few clouds in the air. Celebrate the new year outside, and safely!

Temperatures as you celebrate the start of the new year. (Weather Bell)

New Year’s Day

The first day of 2023 will be a bit warmer, with highs in the upper 70s to 80 degrees, and partly sunny skies. Lows on Sunday night will only drop into the upper 60s, and perhaps only briefly.


This will be a wet, and potentially stormy day ahead of another cold front. Details are to be determined, but we’re likely to see 1 to 2 inches of widespread rainfall. The question is whether all of the dynamics in the atmosphere line up to favor severe storms, and for now I think the answer is that such conditions are more likely to the northeast of Houston, rather than over the city itself. We shall see. Otherwise expect highs in the upper 70s.

Rest of next week

Most of next week will probably see highs in the 60s, with lows in the 40s and 50s. There looks to be a fair amount of sunshine as well. So overall, the first week of 2023 looks to be fairly nice. Hopefully one might be able to say that about the whole year.

Holiday lights

We’re in the final days of being able to enjoy the holiday light shows at Space Center Houston and the Houston Botanic Garden. Here’s a review we wrote of these attractions earlier this year. You can find more information about each there, along with a discount code to save you $5 on each ticket.

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  1. “The first day of 2022″…. Please, let’s not repeat 2022 and get a move-on with 2023. I know you meant 2023, but seeing 2022 made me chuckle. Great job as always and as we usher in 2023, I suspect the same high quality of weather forecasting.

  2. My wife and I appreciate you all so much. You all are the only weather casters we watch now πŸ™‚

    I have already done it several times myself, but on your post there is a typo with the year.
    In your comment “New Year’s Day, The first day of 2022….”,

    Just an FYI,
    I thought I went back in time… LOL

    Again thank you all so much for your efforts… πŸ™‚

  3. Is all this excess moisture in the air the reason why it looks like it rained last night – or did it rain, and I completely missed it? I love your content, you’re the best weather team in Houston by far!

  4. Looks like the brief freeze and sudden warm humid temperatures is setting us up for another bumper crop of mosquitos. I went to take the trash out and had a couple buzzing around me… IN MY GARAGE

  5. Man oh man I enjoyed that delicious little frost snap for the holiday. Looking forward to that upcoming cold front after this yucky week.

    I love Winter!

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