Oh Mr. Sun, Mister Golden Sun, please shine down on me

Our wet, but not too wet, and cool, but not too cold pattern will continue for the foreseeable future in the Houston metro area. One thing we can guarantee is that while the Sun does exist, there will be little direct evidence of it over the next week. Clouds, and more clouds, will rule the skies.


We’ve seen some light to moderate showers in Montgomery County early this morning, but these should exit the region to the north shortly after sunrise. Scattered showers will be possible today, but accumulations should be slight. High temperatures will be warmer than in recent days, likely around 70 degrees, although any regions that do see short breaks could push into the mid-70s. For the most part, just another gray day.

Friday and Saturday

The story heading into the weekend will be surging moisture levels along the Texas coast, and moving inland. For now, the most likely scenario is that these heavier showers remain well to the south of Houston, most likely in the Corpus Christi area, and staying well to the west of Houston. (The hard hit Austin region, where Lake Travis is nearing record levels, could well see more heavy rain this weekend.)

Rain accumulation forecast for now through Saturday evening. (National Weather Service)

For Houston this means a healthy chance (probably around 50 percent) of showers on Friday and Saturday as this moisture moves inland and meets up with an oncoming cold front. For our city and surrounding areas, accumulations are likely to be measured in a few tenths of an inch, but we can’t rule out some heavier isolated storms.

Temperatures will depend on the timing of the front. Friday will be quite a bit warmer than we’ve seen in recent days, with highs pushing into the upper 70s for most of Houston. Saturday will be cooler—in the wake of the front. I expect most of Houston to see the mid-70s again Saturday before the front makes it. Rain chances should diminish in the wake of the front, so by Saturday afternoon and evening, the likelihood is that while it will be gray, it probably will no longer be rainy.


A drier day, both in terms of humidity as well as rain chances. In fact, we think it won’t rain, with highs only reaching about 70 degrees. Unfortunately, I think we’ll see partly to mostly cloudy skies. So a nice day, but after a gray week, probably not an overly sunny one.

Texas is likely to remain in a wetter-than-normal pattern for most of next week. (NOAA/Pivotal Weather)

Next week

The forecast for next week is kind of a hot mess, with maybe some rain, or quite a bit of rain (as in a few inches), and no clear picture on whether another front moves through, or not. It’s such a mess that, because Matt is back tomorrow after a few weeks off, I’m just going to let him worry about it.

12 thoughts on “Oh Mr. Sun, Mister Golden Sun, please shine down on me

  1. Chris C.

    Frankly, after having that giant yellow sky-ball trying to kill us where we stand for the past several months, I’m good with it taking a week or two off. Besides, this time of year is when the (normally) reduced moisture in the air makes the setting sun so bright, you can’t drive west at rush hour without welding goggles.

    1. Chuck

      Ditto! I’m enjoying this “Seattle Weather” after the scorching sauna of Sept 15 thru Oct 14

      1. Rich

        Me too, if only we could have a view of Mt Rainier. Oh well a view of Katy freeway is just as good, and at least we have our starbucks

        1. Chuck

          True. When the “mountain is out,” as I’ve experienced a few times in the Sea-Tac area (and from an arriving plane), it’s an awe-inspiring view with pine trees be;low the snow cap. 🙂 At least we have some pine trees in The Woodlands. 🙂

          1. Chuck

            Daughter, Son-in-Law and Grandson in Olympia. That’s what takes me there. Beautiful part of the country!

  2. Ari Eberlin

    As long as cold/cool is part of the “hot mess” of next week and not a literal description of the temperature “hot” I will be happy.

  3. lori a sweatt

    I’m just glad we were not melting at our sons baseball and football games yesterday.

  4. Lauren

    So my 14 year old daughter reads the weather off here. Yesterday, she says to me, “So Space City Weather was Actually wrong about something!” I asked her what that was. Her reply, “The Astro’s didn’t win!” 🤦‍♀️😂

  5. Matt

    Katy Market Days is having a “British Only Car Show” on Saturday. Hope they get a decent turnout with the rain forecast. It’s hard enough getting British cars to start on a warm, sunny, day!

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