Quick update on timing, intensity of Friday night storms

Good afternoon. Just wanted to jump in with an update on storms anticipated for tonight. We’re wary. We’re watching. But we’re not overly worried—and we don’t think you should be either.

This front and associated strong squall line have received a lot of media attention this week, and we’re not entirely sure why. It may be because there really has not been any significant weather to hit Houston for three months or so. But if anything, the model trend today is toward a slightly less severe threat for greater Houston. It’s definitely prudent to be weather-aware tonight. And I wouldn’t be out and about when the squall line hits. But we will face worse threats later this year so let’s temper expectations.

The primary threats tonight are damaging straight-line winds (we may see some gusts above 60mph), potentially a few tornadoes, and possibly some hail. Here’s the timing for the worst of the weather, which should last an hour or less for most locations.

11 pm CT

NAM model forecast for radar reflectivity at 11pm. (Weather Bell)


NAM model forecast for radar reflectivity at midnight. (Weather Bell)

1 am CT

NAM model forecast for radar reflectivity at 1am. (Weather Bell)

Stay safe! Please know that if conditions come in worse than expected we will be here to update as needed. Other than that, do enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend after the front passes.

26 thoughts on “Quick update on timing, intensity of Friday night storms

  1. Tim L

    Thanks for the post. So you’re doing your last long run at midnight tonight Eric? 🙂

  2. Jumpy Iguana

    Made the mistake of watching TV news and started to get a little crazy… like no tex mex for dinner crazy! Now I feel I can have my nachos and margaritas in relative safety and still be home in time to hunker down.

  3. Vickie

    Thank you very much! It really helps when you spell things out. I really appreciate it.

  4. Doc Dougherty

    Thank you again for the hype-free forecast. Would you guys consider reporting the News in the same style? Very Best to you both.

  5. Deborah Kaplan

    Thanks, guys. You do such a great job of keeping us up to date with no drama or sensationalism…just science and lots of graphs and weather information. Don’t know what I did without you.
    D Kaplan

  6. Vickie

    I forgot to mention that I LOVE the way you showed where the line of weather will be each hour. Thank you again!

  7. Armando D.

    Thank you for your comforting Eric! I will enjoy the dinner and Cosmos with my dear Fulgencio tonight and then we will return to be not out in the storm! Stay safe and blessings! xxx

  8. mamamiau

    Thanks for keeping us updated! I noticed the code MCJ for the first time on your maps and tried to Google it, but I couldn’t some up with anything in SW metro Houston. What, please, does it indicate?

      1. mamamiau

        Thank you, Bob! That helps me a lot, as I am closer to that location than to the major airports.

      1. mamamiau

        Thank you. Bob earlier answered my question. It refers to the helicopter facility at Memorial Herman Hospital. I was familiar with some others, but not that one.

  9. Brian

    Send texts to 444-4554 to donate $5 to the Thunder Blankets for Fulgencio fund.

  10. Shara Preston

    Thank you so much for being realistic and not hyping up the weather forecast when it’s just a regular storm. I appreciate the candid reporting!

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