Unsettled weather for the first half of this week in Houston

The first half of this week will be messy, with slow-moving and stalling cold fronts leading to high rainfall chances and mostly muggy weather. The second half of the week should be clear and cool before unsettled weather returns for the weekend. (We also answer a question we’ve received several times this weekend—is this going to be a bad hurricane season for the Gulf?)


Temperatures are incredibly warm (about 70 degrees) and muggy this morning, and will remain so today as highs get into the mid-70s under cloudy skies. Throughout the day a front will sag into into the region just northwest of the metro area (see map below), and this will serve as a focus for moderate to heavy rainfall for places such as College Station and areas north of Highway 105. However, the Houston metro area is unlikely to see more than a couple of tenths of an inch of rain today.

This dewpoint map shows the front’s location at 6pm Monday. (Weather Bell)

Monday night and Tuesday

The front finally pushes through Houston, to the coast, during the overnight hours. This should allow lows in the Houston to drop into the 50s, with light rain. However, almost as soon as the front reaches the coast at sunrise Tuesday, it probably will lift back inland—almost as if Mother Nature were playing an accordion. The bottom line is that light to moderate rainfall chances will continue on Tuesday, especially to the north of Interstate 10. And local temperatures and humidity will vary greatly due to the position of the front. Fog may also be an issue near the coast.


A stronger front should shove through on Wednesday, perhaps around noon or during the afternoon hours, bringing an end to the rainfall and dropping temperatures and humidity. Conditions on Wednesday remain dependent on the front, but I anticipate highs will get to around 70 degrees for most areas.

Heavy rainfall is possible this week, but it will be mostly north of the Houston metro area. (Pivotal Weather)

Thursday and Friday

These should be sunny, cool days with highs of around 60 degrees, and lows Thursday and Friday nights somewhere in the 40s for most of the area.

Saturday and Sunday

We have a lot of questions about the weekend forecast, and no great answers. We can reasonably expect highs to climb back into the 60s and 70s this weekend, and the return of clouds. However, the models are fairly split on the possibility of rain chances, with some showing and inch or two of rainfall from Saturday afternoon through Sunday night, and others nothing more than a smattering. If you have weekend plans, hang with us as we try to tighten the forecast in a day or two. Most of next week looks warmish until a front arrives.

Hurricane season

The Atlantic Hurricane season remains months away, but Houston TV forecaster Frank Billingsley created a bit of a storm this weekend with a sensational headline “Another hurricane forecast and it’s not good—are we in for another 2008?” The article is based on work by an engineer named Dale Link, who has no credibility within the scientific community, and therefore really is not worth the coverage.

LOL, c’mon man.

Honestly, we are a full six months from the busiest part of the Atlantic season, and predicting conditions now, for then, is beyond our capability. Who knows, maybe Dale Link has cracked the code. But I doubt it. And it’s certainly not getting worked up about in February.

27 thoughts on “Unsettled weather for the first half of this week in Houston

    1. Jeffb

      You are correct . Sad to say it is all about sensationalism and ratings. I don’t watch the local news. 🤦‍♂️

    2. Susann thomas

      You’re looking for email is not working I keep putting in my email to get notices and it says something went wrong

  1. JSM

    I think it’s time for Frank Billingsley to leave the scene. You would think he would have learned his lesson by now. That being stated, it was people like him that made me look for serious and responsible websites like yours. Keep up the good work and please continue to call out these psuedo-meteorologists whenever they try to hype the weather news.

    1. Bill

      Oh, give me a break..Billingsley is just doing what producers tell him to do….and all the local guys do it…it’s called viewers and trying to make a profit..

  2. johndoughtx

    My cousin’s friend who used to live near the National Hurricane Center in Miami thinks this year will be bad too. He’s not trained in any of this, but he occasionally gets stuck in line at the Wal-mart behind forecasters.

  3. dmlcs57

    This why we watch your blog and not the TV stations’ weather reports. We get enough famine-fire-destruction-meteors-exclamation points!!!! in our lives already – what we need is data and science and you guys give it to us. Thank you from the bottoms of our resting-easy hearts.

  4. Kayla Bryson

    It seems like ever since you started your weather blog, and since it gained tremendous popularity, the local TV weather folks have felt the pressure to do blogs of their own with overblown, sensational headlines in an attempt to get viewers back. I find the fear mongering to be distasteful.

  5. Leslie

    And this is exactly WHY Space City Weather is my go-to for weather. NO HYPE!
    THANKS GUYS! And thanks, again, Reliant, for sponsoring such great weather information!

  6. Donnie

    Well I was going to comment about local sensational headlines but other have already done that for me.

  7. Dennis C

    Totally agree with comments about Frank. His “the world is going to end” style is inflammatory and causes many undue anxiety. Thank you for your voices and approach to giving us the facts. Please keep it up.

  8. Wendy

    I find your style of reporting refreshing, and have followed you (and unfollowed others since before Harvey). Unfortunately, facebook’s algorithm is off, and thought I’d love to see the story in question over the weekend, which sent my post-Harvey hurricane anxiety and PTSD into a tailspin. I know it’s still a long way until hurricane season, but I want to say thank you for addressing this “information” and calming your readers.

  9. Monty

    I’m curious if Frankie is also the one who predicted the 2012 Mayan calendar apocalypse. Thanks for the humor Frank but I’ll stick with the pros.

  10. tanstaafl

    Remember when Frank hosted the Miss Texas pageant? That’s more in line with his skill set.

  11. tanstaafl

    I had to look at Dale Link’s website His forecast technique consists of looking at past hurricane tracks, then predicting that future hurricanes will follow these tracks. Also, he revised his calendar year 2019 forecast on December 6, 2019 (!!!). Now he claims that his 2019 forecast was accurate! Well, it’s easy to forecast backward in time.

    You are too nice on Frank. Dale Link might as well be reading Tarot cards. It is inexcusable for a scientist to give him any credibility. Channel 2 “news” should remove the story and apologize.

  12. Bill Martin

    Dang, you must be ticked to call him out by name! But “if shoe fits….”. Sure that article freaked out more than a few folks..

  13. Arianda

    Yeah, I couldn’t help but to click the link also (don’t have TV so don’t see news). First, it’s on click2houston…even my work blocks that site. Second, based on the comments at that site, no one is taking him seriously anyway!

  14. Tyronne

    Frank Billingsly should be fired for sensationalism. Not the first or last time he will create unnecessary panic. What a joke

  15. Jackie

    Fortunately for us we can read Space City Weather on the web or FB, but there is a lot of elderly people out there that depend on the news/weather via television and the networks know it 🙁

    1. Chivas USA

      Frank correctly called the last, tropical storm. Eric and Matt missed that one. Weather forecasting is difficult here and I get my daily forecast here, but I also think Frank is pretty good.

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