Slight freeze across parts of Houston this morning; spring-like weekend ahead

It’s chilly this morning across Houston, generally in the low- to mid-30s, and some areas such as Tomball, Brenham and The Woodlands have dipped just below freezing.


With sunny skies we’ll warm into the mid-60s today. With light winds we’ll see near deal winter weather. Lows tonight will be about 10 degrees warmer.

Temperatures at 6 a.m. this morning were near freezing in metro Houston, and below freezing in some outlying areas. (Weather Bell)
Temperatures at 6 a.m. Thursday morning were near freezing in metro Houston, and below freezing in some outlying areas. (Weather Bell)

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After dreary start to the week, it’s glorious weather from here on out

Following the gloomy start to the week we’ll now see some sunshine.


Much drier air is now moving into Houston after Tuesday’s showers, ending the rain, and we should begin to see partly sunny skies later today. Highs will be in the mid- to upper-50s.


Mostly clear skies tonight will allow for good cooling, but I expect most of the Houston metro area to remain in the mid-30s, above freezing, on Thursday morning. After that we’ll see a really pretty day with highs in the low 60s.

Low temperature forecast for Thursday morning. (Weather Bell)
Low temperature forecast for Thursday morning. (Weather Bell)



We’ll see a slow warming trend for what should be a spectacular winter weekend. Highs will climb from the upper 60s on Friday to the mid-70s by Sunday. Overnight lows will rise from the low 40s on Friday morning to around 60 degrees by Sunday. Skies will remain mostly sunny.

If you’re heading to Galveston Island, expect highs in the 60s for the weekend, with partly cloudy skies. Evening and nighttime temperatures should remain around 60 degrees.


A stronger cold front should arrive next Monday or Tuesday, bringing with it our next chance of rain. While I wouldn’t rule out a freeze with that front, I don’t consider it likely.

After a warm start, fog, and then rain will herald the coming of our next front

Lows have fallen only into the upper 50s this morning across the Houston region, bringing an uncharacteristically warm January morning to the city. But the warmer weather won’t last.


After several dry days moisture will surge into the area today as temperatures warm into the 70s. As this warmer, moist air moves inland this afternoon it may produce foggy conditions during the evening hours, warns the National Weather Service. A cold front will approach Houston tonight, and likely move through the metro region slowly, from about 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. Light rain is possible.


Although the front will dissipate the fog, in terms of rain it will not immediately clear things out. With the front hanging near, or just off the coast, expect Tuesday to be a cool, drizzly, rainy affair, especially across the southern half of the metro region. Highs will climb only into the mid 50s.


As any rains end, we’ll continue to see the movement of cold air into the region on Tuesday night and lows should fall to around 40 degrees. We’ll see another cold day, with clearing skies by Wednesday evening allowing for a very cold night.

Thursday morning's lows will be the coldest of the week. (Weather Bell)
Thursday morning’s lows will be the coldest of the week. (Weather Bell)

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Cold, clear winter weekend ahead for Houston

Winter has raged back this morning, but we’ll see more moderate conditions by Sunday.


As expected, wind chills are in the 20s this morning with northerly wind gusts above 20 mph. It’s quite cold and winds should remain high during the daytime hours. Even though the Sun will shine most of the afternoon, highs will only climb to about 50 degrees.


As winds die down Friday night, temperatures will fall. Parts of the northern half of the Houston metro area will freeze, and while it’s difficult to say precisely I expect the demarcation line between freezing and not freezing temperatures to fall somewhere north of Interstate 10 in Houston.

Saturday morning forecast low temperatures. (National Weather Service)
Saturday morning forecast low temperatures. (National Weather Service)

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