Beautiful weather gives way to gusty winds by Sunday

Good morning, and happy Go Texan Day! Throw on the boots and enjoy the beautiful weather today (and tomorrow).


We are starting Friday a good bit milder than yesterday. Most locations are in the upper-30s to low-40s. The balance of the day should feature wall to wall sunshine. It looks absolutely splendid. Yesterday’s 61° should warm close to 70° this afternoon. If you’re heading out to the BBQ Cook-Off, just soak it all in.

Temperatures should ease back from about 70° at 3 PM into the upper-50s by 7 PM.


It will be another beautiful day tomorrow. If we are seeking blemishes, there should be a few more high clouds in the sky and pollen remains fairly high. But aside from that, it should be outstanding. Morning lows in the upper-40s will warm into the low-70s by afternoon.


One thing you will notice this weekend is that the winds are going to gradually become more noticeable as we move forward. Onshore flow on Saturday will pick up further on Sunday. Look for southerly winds to build to about 10 to 15 mph sustained, with gusts over 20 mph at times. Add about 5 to those values for the coast and bays.

Wind gusts should be around 20 mph over land and 25 mph or so at the coast and over the water on Sunday. (Weather Bell)

Aside from the wind, Sunday should be a typical mild late winter day in Houston. Look for a mix of clouds and some sun. Sunday won’t be a washout, but a few showers are likely in spots through the afternoon. Don’t alter any plans at this point, but just be aware of that chance. With stronger onshore flow Sunday, temperatures will start close to 60°and warm into the low- or mid-70s.

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Warming back into the 70s by Friday for Houston

After Wednesday’s strong northerly winds, conditions have calmed down this morning. The lack of winds has helped temperatures fall down to near freezing in the city of Houston, and brought a light freeze to most outlying areas. Cold though it is, temperatures will bounce back pretty quickly by Friday, with 70s throughout the weekend.


Not a whole lot to say about today, winds should remain light, and after a start around freezing high temperatures will generally warm into the upper 50s under full sunshine. Temperatures this evening for the BBQ Cook-Off will fall to around 50 just after sunset, and into the upper 40s later this evening. Overnight low temperatures should be about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than those on Wednesday night.


This should be an absolutely splendid day for the region. Skies again will be clear, with light westerly winds. We can probably expect high temperatures to crest at about 70 degrees, with low humidity. Does Houston’s weather get much more perfect than that? Probably not. Our only concern at this time is high tree pollen counts, and if you’re stuffy today it’s probably because Wednesday’s winds really spread the pollen around.

The trees are breeding! (City of Houston)


This will be another nice day, with highs in the low 70s, and mostly sunny skies. We’ll see winds turn around to come from the south, however this won’t have too much of an effect on our weather until Saturday night. This will see the beginning of the end for our drier air. Lows Saturday night will only fall down to around 60, or just below.

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Blustery today, but then splendid weather for the rest of the week

What can be said about Tuesday’s weather? It was nigh perfect and will easily go down as one of the 10 nicest days of the year in Houston. The region will soon get back to pleasant weather, but we’re going to have to get through a cold, blustery day today, and a very chilly night before we do so.

A light freeze is possible on Wednesday night near Houston. (Pivotal Weather)


Blustery is indeed a good word for this morning. During the hour before sunrise, airports at Hobby, Ellington, and Galveston all recorded wind gusts above 30mph as a cold, northerly air mass sinks into the region. This combination of winds, cold air, and partly cloudy skies will make for a cold day, with highs only topping out somewhere in the low- to mid-50s. Skies will begin to clear this evening, and as the sun sets winds should die down as well. This mix of clear skies and light winds will allow for ideal cooling conditions tonight, with inland areas likely seeing a light freeze.


After a cool start, look for high temperatures to rebound into the upper 50s for most of the area on Thursday. With only light winds and full sunshine, this should not feel too cold, even though absolute temperatures likely will only be a few degrees warmer than on Wednesday. If you’re heading out to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo BBQ Cook-Off, expect evening temperatures of around 50 degrees. Overnight lows will be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than Wednesday night—so comfortably above a freeze.

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Six days of clear skies for Houston, and one shot at a light freeze

Skies are clearing out today, setting the stage for a clear and cool pattern. The primary concern we have this week is the potential for a light freeze on Thursday morning—aside from that it should be almost all sunshine. This includes weather for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo BBQ Cook-Off, which may be a bit chilly, but will have no concerns with rains or winds.


Lows this morning are generally in the 50s, with some areas already seeing clear skies. Others soon will. Highs today will likely reach into the 70s—making for a perfectly pleasant day—before a stronger front pushes through the region this evening. The front will probably arrive in downtown Houston at around sunset, or shortly thereafter, and will be notable for its strong northwesterly winds. They could gust up to about 30mph during the overnight hours as temperatures drop into the 40s. We can’t entirely rule out some very light rain showers during the pre-dawn hours on Wednesday.

A light freeze is likely on Thursday morning. (Pivotal Weather)


This will be a sunny, cold, and breezy day. Expect highs only to reach the mid-50s, and the day will feel quite cool with northerly winds gusting as high as 25mph. As winds die down late Wednesday night we will see ideal conditions for cold weather late Wednesday and early Thursday, when a light freeze is likely for most inland areas (see the map above).

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